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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Prasanta Ghosh
Prasanta Ghosh
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How To become A better Player In PUBG

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Hello everyone! Welcome Again, In this article we are going to state 5 tricks and tips
in PUBG . Honestly , this tricks would not make you a pro player but would definitely improve your game play far better Than ever. So this are some tips and tricks for How To become A better player In PUBG easily:-

How To become A better Player In PUBG

1. Land faster and before everyone else:-

This trick helps a lot for making dominance over battleground as you would drop first and loot before others.
just simply drag down your right hand screen and hold the left side button sideways. It is Better to always jump from a distance of 650-750 m towards your mark.

2. Equip headphones/head sets while playing:-

Game play with wearing headphones will always give you an advantage. Headphones not just warn you from suppressed shots but also can hear the footprints in a close range.

3. Vehicle priority and protection:-

If you had to choose among the UAZ, BIKE or a BUGGY always go for the UAZ .Heavy loaded or bigger vehicles gives you more cover and sometimes this could be lifesaving. But vehicles are destructible , as enemies could hit it .So keep a few meters distance from it.

4 .Keep moving while looting a crate:-

This strategy is help full in all situations in every maps . If you are moving while looting a crate , enemies with a sniper could not easily get a shot on You.

5. Always carry smokes grenades:-

Smokes are negligible but in most cases it is the greatest way of getting a invisible wall on an open field. This really helps when you stuck in a war in between two separate teams or when you are caught up while snaking.

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