Mystic Messenger Email Guide: 100% Guide for a Best Email mode ending

What is Mystic Messenger Email Guide?

Mystic Messenger Email Guide is a broad topic, but before getting onto the Mystical Messenger Email guide, let us know what Mystic Messenger is. Mystic Messenger is a South Korea-based Romantic Visual Novel Game unrivaled in matching and real-time entertainment!

It’s a fun refreshment app where you may choose from various characters with various emotions and behaviors to discover the one that’s right for you. Players may speak with fantastical, whimsical characters through the app via phone calls or email messages. They can also invite their friends, giving this excellent app a new magnificence.

This captivating software is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. You get to enjoy 11 days, with a captivating celebration on the 11th day, to which you may bring friends and others aged 10 to 15 to help make the party a huge success!

Now that you’ve received the emails, it’s time to respond since you know that if someone asks you a question, you must answer it to the best of your ability to persuade them.

mystic messenger email guide

Still worrying that you don’t know how to play this game? Well, we covered you last time with the Clash Royale decks, and now, this Mystic Messenger Email Guide will get you through all your questions.

Mystic Messenger: Game Play

In Mystic Messenger, the player controls a female character with a name that the user chooses. The female heroine downloads a mystery software that leads her to live in either Rika’s private, locked apartment or the Mint Eye HQ, owned by Rika, the creator of a charitable organization known as the RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association).

She meets the rest of the RFA members and is tasked with planning a party by inviting guests. Unknown dupes the protagonist into playing the game and takes you to Mint Eye, where he keeps you by his side. The protagonist can choose one of seven possible paths, each with its unique set of circumstances, and discover the truth about the RFA. Now, let us move to the Mystic Messenger Email Guide.

Mystic Messenger Email Guide

In this mystic Messenger Email guide, we’ll guide you through all the critical insights of the email game mode. When inviting people to your RFA party, emails are crucial. At least ten guests are required to attend your party. It’s more complicated to throw a party. You’ve got a guest list, so email a group of people to invite them.

Guests will attend the party if you respond to their emails correctly more often than incorrectly. The accurate Mystic Messenger responses to all emails are provided here.
If you recommend or accept that they should be welcomed during Mystic Messenger chat room sessions and occasionally during visual novel portions, guests will contact you and establish chats.

The visitor’s usernames, beginning with the @ sign, are displayed alphabetically. To quickly discover what you’re searching for, use CTRL+F or your browser’sbrowser’s in-page search tool.

While the visitors for Casual and Deep Story are the same, the emails for Another Story are not. They’re in their area at the bottom of the page but use CTRL+F to find them.

Mystic Messenger Email Guide: How to invite guests?

Inviting potential guests is a straightforward operation, but it is not when done through message. Consider a few things before inviting your friends to the celebration. Remember that a reasonable conclusion requires at least ten guests, and their presence depends on how you respond to their messages.

According to the guideline, you must respond to all of the guests’ emails ten days before the celebration. Three times, each guest will seek answers. The @ sign appears in the name of one of your visitors. If you fail to respond to any email query, even once in three instances, a visitor will not attend your party. If you answer all the questions correctly three times, the visitors will undoubtedly be impressed.

When do you start getting Mystic Messenger Emails?

Mystic Messenger

The Mystic Messenger game lasts 11 days, and the celebration takes place on the 11th day, so make every effort to arrive on that day. You also need to send an email invitation to at least ten people to have a successful party. In any case, it only applies whether you’re playing the usual tale or mode. You’llYou’ll need at least 15 visitors if you choose the V and Ray path, and you’ll have a chance to craft the perfect finale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn hourglasses in Mystic Messenger?

You may choose an RFA comment for each visitor on the guest list to earn 1 hourglass, but you can only do this once for each guest. We’d recommend going via Zen's path since, as a naturally charming gentleman, you'll be able to acquire a lot of hourglasses as well as hearts. Another option is to go through Zen's whole path once, save at the start of each day and jot down how many total hourglasses you collected that day. When you figure out which day has the most hourglasses, you may utilise the saves to go over to Zen's path for a day to collect some.

How Do Mystic Messenger Emails Work?

The first thing that is required of you while hosting the party is how you will deal with the visitors who will attend the event. Normally, you'll receive an invitation via a virtual messenger that you'll find in the programme. Jumin, V, 707, Yoosung, and Zen all look up to you, so make sure you do it correctly.

What is the appropriate number of guests to invite to RFA's party to get a good ending?

It is advised to invite at least 10 or more guests for a good ending in the Mystic Messenger. All these guests should come, hence, always try to invite more people.

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