Pet Master Free Spins and Coins – January, 2022

Pet Master Game

Pet Master Free Spins And Coins:

Pet Master free spins are free rewards used to Build Your Pet Empire with Different Pets at Different Levels starting from level One. And just like Coin Master these Spins and coins are very easy to get.

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Pet Master Free Spin And Coin Today:


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25 Spins


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10 Spins & Coins


Pet Master Free Spin For 27th January:

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8M Coins


Pet Master Free Spin For 26th January:

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Pet Master Free Spin For 25th January:

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Pet Master Free Spin For 24th January:

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Guide for playing Pet Master Game:

  • Attack In Pet Master:

Pet Master Free Spins

Just like the coin master game, when you get three rocket symbols in the spin wheel, that means you have a chance to attack your opponent’s village. But unlike coin master here, you can launch three rockets to pound on your opponent’s village here.

  • Raid On Pet Master Game :

Pet master Raid

Another exciting part of this game is Raid on your friend’s Village. You will get a chance of Raid when you get three raccoon symbols on the spin wheel, That’s Mean You Get the Chance of Raid on your Opponent Village. By this Raid, You’ll Get a Chance to choose three places among the 4. By selecting three areas, You Can Get Pet Master Free Coins from your opponent’s Village. You can get These Raids by Clicking Pet Master Daily Free Spins Link Today from Our Website.

  • Protect Your Village With Shield :

Pet Master Shield

If You Get 3 Shield Symbols on your spin wheel, you will Get One Shield Protect from the game, which will protect you from getting damaged from your opponent’s attack. You Can add up to 3 Shield to your Village. That means you can protect your Village from your opponent’s attack up to 3 times. As your Village Level getting up, You will get up to 5 numbers Of Shields.

  • Get Free Spins On Pet Master Game :

Pet master daily Spins

You have to achieve all the features of Pet Master by spinning The spin wheel. You’ll Get Free Spins Every Hour from Pet master, and most importantly, you can Also Get Pet Master Free Spins Today From Our Website. We Share Free Spins And Coins Links on our Facebook group and WhatsApp group.

  • Card Collection In Pet Master Game:

Pet Master free Cards

One of the most exciting parts of this game is the card collection. As you levelling up your village levels, you will start receiving different varieties of cards. You have to collect them and complete the cards’ set to get some extra Pet Master Free Spins. There are two types of cards one is regular cards, and another is golden cards. For traditional cards, you can send your extra 5 Numbers of cards to your friends each day; similarly, you can get yours too from your friend. On the other hand, you can only trade your golden cards in Golden event Time in golden cards.

  • Pet Master Special Events:

Pet master also brings special Pet master events. You Can Get Extra Pet Master Free Spins & Coins By Completing these Event Activities.

Different Ways To Get Pet Master Free Spins in the Game:

We know the easiest way to get pet master free spins is to collect Daily rewards from our page. Also, there are some other ways to get free spins in the game that you can check.

Spin The Wheel

We know it sounds stupid, but it is true if you want more spins as a reward you have to spend spins on the spin wheel which gives you, even more, spins and coins in form of different reward packages.

Invite your Friends

One of the easiest ways to get free spins is to invite your friends to the game through your unique invite link. Then, while a friend successfully signs up using your unique link, you will be rewarded with free spins. For now, The reward amount is 90 spins, but on some special events, they offer goes up to 150+ Spins, which is very magnanimous indeed.

Free Spins on Every Hour 

Another way to get Free spins is to finish up all of your spins and wait. You get 5 spins every hour until a peak of 50 Spins which means you have to wait for 10 hours to max it up. We suggest waiting until you reached the 50 spins milestone completed to start playing. It is safe to play along with this amount of spins.

Complete your Village

We wonder where you spend all of that hard-acquired coins on? of course, on making a new Village! Right? Completing a new village gives you not only free spins also free coins, XPs, free Dices, and many more gifts. So now we suggest you complete your village at the ‘Village Rush’ event, which brings you, even more, Pet Master spins and coins.

Hop Into Dice Game

In Pet Master, there is another board game called Dice game. Yes, you read right, a game inside a game. In this board game, you have to roll dice to progress your raccoon on the board. If you land on the right spot, you will win gifts like coins, spins, chests, or a combination of these.

Complete your Card Sets and albums

Another exciting way of getting Free Spins in Pet Master is to complete your card sets and albums. You have to collect cards to complete a set of cards. On the other hand, you have to complete all the sets to complete one album. You will get an astonishing number of free spins and coins for completing a card set. For albums, the prize is even more.

But achieving card sets is a bit hard. That is why you should keep buying different chests with your game coins from the beginning to keep up with your missing cards. For some special sets, you need royal cards to finish the set. We advise You to build villages during the village rush event when a royal card can be won.

About Pet Master Game And Free Spins link :

Pet Master free spins are free rewards used to Build Your Pet Empire with Different Pets at Different Levels starting from level One. And one of the Best Pet Adventure Games in the app market, Developed by, Moonactive. Just Like the coin master game. Pet Master is free to play. Also, Support In-App Purchase Where You Can Buy These Spins, Coins & many other things.

Features Of Pet Master Game:

  • You can Play With Your Friends.
  • Battle With Your Friends To Be The Next Pet Master.
  • Join In Millions Of Players Worldwide through Facebook.
  • Pet Master Is Free On All Platform With In-App Purchases.

Video Of Playing Pet Master Game:

Important Instructions For Getting Pet Master Free Spin And Coin:

1: First, You should have the Pet Master game Installed on your device, or you can download it from the Play store else directly.

2: After That, Return to our Website, open this post for Free Spins and coins.

 3: Then, scroll down a bit on this page and find today’s date along with the red-coloured Collect Here button.

4. Collect Pet Master Free Spins Just by clicking on that Collect Here Buttons.

4: It’ll Redirect You To Pet Master Game and reward you with Free Spin And Coin.

5: If You Face Any Problem Collecting Pet Master Free Spins, you can ask our quarries to us.

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Frequently asked questions about Pet Master Game:

How to get free spins on Pet Master?

By visiting Our Page Every day you can get free spins, we update the new Spins And Coins link as soon as they are available.

How many villages are in Pet Master?

As of right now, there are 170 villages where you can play In Pet Master.

What is the last village in Pet Master?

Right now the last village In Pet Master is the Ice Cream Shop.

What do the stars mean in Pet Master?

The Stars show the rank of a player. You can achieve more stars by building villages and getting cards.

What are cards for in Pet Master?

You can collect 9 cards to complete a set of collections with the same theme. By finishing each collection you get gifts like spins and coins etc.