Best Battle Royale Games for Budget Smartphones in 2024 | Top Picks & Review

Searching for Battle Royale Games? But you’re on a budget and can’t afford the latest flagship devices? Don’t worry, as in this post, we will be showcasing the best Battle Royale games that you can play on a budget smartphone without compromising on the fun and excitement. Follow us for more gaming tips and tricks.

What are Battle Royale Games?

A Battle Royale game is a multiplayer online game where a large number of individuals or a group of players, ranging from 50 to 100, are placed on an island or a map and must fight to be the last one standing.

It’s a fast-paced, action-packed game mode that surely will get your adrenaline pumping. The concept of Battle Royale games was first released in 2012. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that the genre actually took off with the release of “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG), which quickly became one of the most popular games in the world.

Best Battle Royale Games for Budget Smartphones

As we all know, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND, better known as (PUBG) is not affordable for 1 or 2 GB ram budget smartphones and sometimes doesn’t work precisely. So here we are with a bunch of Games for Budget Smartphones that may fit on your wish list if you have a Budget Smartphone.

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List Of Battle Royale Games for Budget Smartphones:

1. PUBG Mobile Lite:

PUBG Mobile Lite is a streamlined version of the renowned battle royale game designed for smoother and less patchy gameplay. It will deliver an optimized experience, making sure that players with limited resources can also enjoy the battle experience the same as PUBG itself.

2. Free Fire:

Free Fire is a thrilling battle royale game where about half a hundred players drops inside of a shrinking map for survival. Its uniqueness lies within its gameplay which are compact matches of 10 minutes. They have characters with various special abilities, and intense gunfights that can keep the players hyped for hours.

3. Battlelands Royale:

Battlelands Royale is a light-hearted battle royale game for anyone, even who is a non-gamer. It has been designed especially for those with limited resources. It offers a fresh take on this genre, where 32 players engage in matches with quirky characters, a wide variety of weapons, and stunning visuals. All in all, it provides an enjoyable and easily accessible multiplayer experience for mobile gamers.

You can download this game from any third-party website. The game is approximately less than 500 MB.

4.Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground:

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a unique game that blends the top pixel arts with fun battle royale gameplay mechanics. Its distinctiveness lies in its nostalgic graphics, easy-to-learn controls, and a wide range of weapons, vehicles, along with some unpredictable environments. This game will make sure to give you a thrilling and unexpected match every time. It will give a true PUBG-like feeling along with a pixelated touch in it.

5.ScarFall: The Royale Combat:

ScarFall: The Royale Combat is a feature-packed battle royale game with some realistic graphics and diverse maps that only a few can offer. It gives an immersive gaming experience. The game also includes a variety of weapons, vehicles, and innovative gameplay elements to keep players engaged for a long time.

Among all these games, Free Fire would come out with the most fascinating results. Honestly, we recommend you should try the free fire at least one time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Battle Royale Games for Budget Smartphones:


While choosing a Battle Royale games for a budget smartphone, consider the factors such as device specifications, optimization for lower-end hardware, storage requirements, network stability, and overall performance for better compatibility.

Game Size

A maximum battle royale game size for any budget smartphone should be around 1.5 GB. This allows enjoyable gameplay while minimizing the strain on device’s storage capacity and ensuring a smooth performance.

Graphics and Performance 

For maximizing gaming performance and graphics settings for a battle royale game, consider lowering its display resolution and disabling any unnecessary background processes from your phone.


Control settings are crucial in any smartphone for playing a battle royale game. They ensure how responsive and accurate your inputs are going to be during gameplay. Optimizing the sensitivity, button layout, and aim assist will surely enhance gameplay and maximize your chances of victory.

Multiplayer Mode

Different multiplayer modes in a battle royale game add the variety and excitement by introducing their unique and fun to play gameplay mechanics, camaraderie, and strategic objectives for a constantly engaging and evolving player experience.

Reviews of the Best Battle Royale Games for Budget Smartphones

  1. PUBG Mobile Lite
    PUBG Lite has received some positive reviews in all app stores for its clean gameplay experience, smooth performance on low-end devices, and impressive graphics, making it a popular choice among all mobile gamers.
  2.  Free Fire
    Free Fire has garnered some widespread acclaim on both the Play Store and App Store, with some high ratings owing to its unique blend of fast-paced gameplay even at a minimal game size.
  3. Battlelands Royale
    Battlelands Royale is among the top battle royale games featuring vibrant graphics and smooth performance. With an average rating of 4.5/5, it offers the thrilling battle royale experience every mobile gamer craves for.
  4. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground
    Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground has received positive ratings on various app stores. Players enjoy its unique pixelated graphics, none less than the other battle royale games. This game offers an immersive gaming experience, making it among the first choices of the battle royale genre.
  5. ScarFall: The Royale Combat
    In ScarFall: The Royale Combat, players engage in fast-paced battles, showcasing its wide range of weapons and vehicles. This game constantly received positive reviews for its engaging mechanics, dynamic maps, and smooth controls. It has a Play Store rating of 4.2 stars.


In conclusion, when it comes to the best battle royale games for budget smartphones, it’s necessary to consider both performance and enjoyment. With limited resources in your low-end devices, options like PUBG Mobile Lite and Garena Free Fire are excellent choices, offering some of the most immersive gameplay, smooth graphics, and engaging experiences without putting much strain on your device. These games will definitely allow budget smartphone users to enjoy the thrill of battle royale gaming without breaking the bank.


Can you play battle royale games on a budget smartphone?

Yes, it is very much likely to play battle royale games on a budget smartphone with the suggestions made over the post.

What are some of the best battle royale games for budget smartphones?

Every game mentioned above are worth playing at least for once. Although it differs with everyone’s taste.

Which battle royale game is the most popular on budget smartphones?

PUBG mobile lite is undoubtedly the most popular battle royale game for any budget smartphone, with Garena Free Fire coming to the second place

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