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Coin Master Free Spins Link 2022:

Coin Master Free Spins And Coins are very easy to Get. We know how you feel, so we’ve compiled in this article all the various ways to Get coin master free spins, coins, chest, cards, and exciting rewards for your coin master village!

Have you ever been completely out of the Coin Master Spin link and all you want to do is play? In this article, we share links that give you daily rewards. If you are looking for Free Spins and Coins for Coin Master Game, This Is The Right Place For You where you can get those Free reward links faster than anyone. Also, Check out our Latest Article for Pet Master Free Spins.

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Acquire Free Spins On Coin Master Game:

Coin master free spins Link

Getting coin master spin link is important to increase your chances of winning more coins, chests, cards, and exciting spin rewards for your coin master village. You have to achieve all the features of Coin Master by spinning the Spin Wheel.

Most importantly, you have to achieve all the features of Coin Master by spinning The spin wheel. You’ll Get Coins Master Free Spins Every Hour from coin master, and most importantly, you can Also Get Free Spins and Coins Links From Our Website. We Share Coins Master Free Spins &  Coins Links, tips and tricks to play the game on our social media channels on our Facebook group and WhatsApp group also.

Attack In Coin Master:attack in coin master

In the coin master game, when you get three hammer symbols in the spin wheel, that means you have a chance to attack your opponent’s village. So now you can strike thunder to pound on your opponent’s village here. You have the option to either attack that player or choose someone from your Friend’s or Revenge list. If the Shield or the Rhino is protecting the player, your attack will not give any damage to the player’s village.

Raid On Coin Master Village:

Raid in Coin master villageAnother exciting part of this game is Raid on your friend’s Village. You will get a chance of Raid when you get three Pig symbols on the spin wheel, That’s Mean You Get the Chance to Raid on your Opponent Village. By this Raid, You’ll Get a Chance to choose three places among the 4. By selecting three areas, You Can Get Coins from your opponent’s Village. The 3 spots in each raid contain Coins or Chests, while the 4th is empty. By digging up the 4th spot in raids, the Pet Foxy, unlocked at village 4, can help in earning more coins. 

Protect Your Village (Shield):

Sheild on coin master

If You Get 3 Shield Symbols on your spin wheel, you will Get One Shield Protect from coin master, which will protect you from getting damage from your opponent’s attack. You Can add up to 3 Shield to your Village. That means you can protect your Village from your opponent’s attack up to 3 times. As you Level up your Village, You will get more number Of Shield. Shields may only be obtained by winning them in the Spinner; they are not available for purchase in the shop.

What is Daily Spin Wheel:

coin master spin wheel

Coin Master also gives you free coins daily by spinning the spin wheel On the Coin Master Game every 24 hours. You will find the daily spin wheel just by swiping down the Spin page of the coin master. Then you Spin the wheel, and you will get a large number of free coins. You will also have the option to buy spin using gold with the Daily bonus spin wheel and also collect various exciting rewards in the game.

Coin Master Pets:

coin master pets

As your village level goes up to level 5, you will start getting pets from coin master, which will help You get Extra on attacking and Raid. Foxy, Tiger, Rhino are some of the different pets you will get on Coin Master Game. The pets act as your companions in the game quest to become the Coin Master. Pets also help you by increasing attacks, raid rewards, or protecting the player’s village.

How to keep Pet conscious:

Like all things considered, pets in the game should be taken care of to keep them alert, cheerful, and dynamic! Without snacks, your pets will nod off and won’t play out their assignments.

To take care of your pets, tap on the pet that is sitting on the left side of the twist button to stack up the pet menu. Once there, select any pet from your pet list that you want to use and tap on the food button found on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Numerous snacks can be utilized on a pet simultaneously to enact it for longer timeframes.

Card Collection In Coin Master:

One of the most exciting parts of this game is the card collection. As you level up your village levels, you will start receiving different varieties of cards. You have to collect them and complete the cards’ set to get some extra Coin Master Free Spins. There are two types of cards one is regular cards, and another is golden cards. For standard cards, you can send your extra set of cards to your friends; similarly, you can get yours. Where in golden cards, you can trade your golden cards only in Golden event Time.

Send a Golden Card in Coin Master:

Unlike every other card, you can not send golden cards to your friend at any time. It’s only be sent when they are tradeable. At this time you can see a card icon will appear on your upright corner. Click on the icon, select your golden card, click send, find your friend and send that’s it.

Coin Master Special Events:

Coin master also brings special in-game events. You Can Get Extra Spins & Coins by Completing these Event Activities. There are many varieties of events taking place in the game. The Viking Quest Event is one of the Most Popular Events among all other events in the Coin master game. This event features a unique way of spinning the Viking spinner with your coins instead of spinning and getting amazing rewards!

What is a Team chest?

The best way to have fun and play together with your friends is to have a common goal to win. Here comes the Team Chest event to play together with your friends as teammates. Together as a team with a strong desire to win the Team chest which is a Grand Price filled with exciting and miraculous rewards!.

How to Hatch Eggs:

To hatch an egg, go to the pet menu and use the arrows on the side of the screen to find and tap the egg you want to hatch. Over! Your pet is now with you and ready to help!

Earn more coins in raids:

Utilizing the Spinner’s ‘Bet’ element can build the quantity of Coins won in assaults by a few times, and once in a while considerably more!

When utilizing Bets, toward the finish of the raids, the quantity of Coins won will be shown, and following a couple of moments, it will be multiplied to give the real number that is gotten. One more method for procuring more in raids is to utilize Foxy, who will dig up the fourth spot in each raid to acquire you more coins!

How do actions work when using bets?

When it comes to the Spinner’s action items, the Bet feature works a little differently than when it comes to coins or Spins. Bets multiply the number of coins collected from each action when it comes to Attacks and Raids.

Winning shields using Bets increases the number of shields awarded by a single spin, and any shields won in excess of three are returned to the player in the form of Spins.

Coin Master Reward Calendar:

The Rewards Calendar is one of our great daily rewards that you can obtain after reaching village 11 and login into the game.

The Awards Calendar is separated into two sections: on the top, there is a 30-day progress meter with various rewards along the way, culminating in a great prize on day 30. You can acquire one of the seven rewards listed below every 24 hours while also adding a point to the progress meter above.

You will be reset to day 1 for the daily prize if you skip a day, but the 30-day progress meter will not be affected.

Disco Party Promotion:

A limited-time disco party promotion is set up where an internal board game full of great prizes on every tile, make a big entrance to your personal Discoin Ferno and start jivin. Do not sweat. You can wait for the timer to expire or pay to skip the timer. That way, you can play boogie Oogie Oogie until you can’t do it anymore. Be sure to collect these rewards before the end of the event.

The first “dance” is free. You can either pay to skip the timer or wait for the timer to expire for the next free dance. Each item can only land once.

Coin Master Cards:

Cards are collectable items that are found in the game and there are Nine solitary Cards that make up each themed Collection. Each finished Collection prices players with spins and diverse great gifts as well- including Pets!

The peculiar the Collection of Cards, the significant the reward!. When it comes to finding new Cards, the village level determines the cards that can exist found in chests and their oddity as well. Please observe that Gold Cards can exist in higher Villages than you’ll detect in the rest of the cards. You can likewise trade common Cards with your pals on any occasion and Gold Cards during special Gold Card Trading occasions.

How to get cards in Coin Master?

Cards are most generally attained through chests, which can be attained through events, raids, or financial purchases. The village-level dictates which cards can be found in chests as well as their oddity.

Trading with mates is another fabulous way to gain cards. Within the day-to-day limit, normal cards can be traded at any time, and gold cards can only be traded during special happenings.

Eventually, cards can be found in extremely rare happenings and boxes!

Seasonal Card Sets:

Seasonal Card Sets are present to delight everyone! They are comparable to the regular Card sets you are familiar with, but there are some differences. The only exception is trading Seasonal Cards for Chests, which can be done on any occasion throughout or after a Season.

Seasonal Cards and Joker Cards can only be acquired during the fixed Season through Seasonal Chests and Joker Cards. It can solely be traded during a Golden Trade and for the life span of the Season.

Seasonal Sets expire after a Season closes, and Cards can never longer be acquired (or traded in the Golden Trade). Those Seasonal Card Sets will additionally be marked as”Expired” and relocated to the underpart of your Cards Collection.

How to trade cards?

Card Trades are organised by players using various channels like Facebook Messenger.

Open your card collections by pressing the card symbol in the lower-left corner of the screen to transfer a card. likewise, tap on the set that contains the card you’d like to transfer and also select the card and tap Send button. You can only transfer a card if you have additional than one, and Gold Cards can only be exchanged during special occasions. Exclusively at special occasions may Gold Cards be exchanged. Each Gold Card trading event allows you to exchange two distinct gold cards.

What is a Joker Card?

The Joker Card is an insane prize that may be found in mystery chests or gotten during events. It grants you the capability to modify it into any card you demand, indeed Gold cards. Make sure to utilize the Joker Card before it expires in order to gain the card you want.

What are Cards for Chests?

Clone cards can be swapped for brand-new chests. You may right now trade your duplicate cards for three new classes of chests, each of which contains a unique faction of gifts, embracing varied quantities of Spins, Pet Food, Pet XP, and Cards!.

Each card has a value pointed by a number of stars at the top, and these figures are added up when determining which cards to swap for a new chest. This function will automatically handpick the cards for you, but you can turn it off by selecting the” Select cards for me” option, which will permit you to manually select the cards to trade.

A timer will display after a chest is swapped for, locking the trade for another chest of the same class for a set length of time. With the use of coins, however, this timer can be skipped a certain number of times. Do not worry, your game stars won’t be affected by the card trade!

Chests in Coin Master:

Chests are in-game equipment that holds collectable Cards. They’re divided into three classifications: wooden, golden, and magical.

The Wooden Chest has two cards, the Golden Chest has four, and the Magical Chest has eight. During the game, you have the chance to dig up a chest during Raids, and completing villages may likewise award you with a chest. Moreover, Chests can consistently be bought with Coins in the in-game store.

Coin Master Events:

Thor Wheel Event: 

The Thor Wheel is an inciting event filled with enormous rewards, including a grand prize that’s largely anticipated. Instead of Spins or Coins, you will use Thor Wheel Tokens to spin the wheel and land on the rewards and each reward can only be landed and collected once.

However, and a new and enhanced wheel with an indeed bigger prize will appear, If you win the top prize the wheel will reset. Just like other rewards, Thor Wheel Tokens can be acquired from Main Events and bought in Promotions. 

The badge will be gone and also the Thor Wheel Tokens when the event ends until the event returns.

Coin Craze: 

Coin Craze is a special event that allows you to earn further coins by spinning, raiding, and fighting other players while using the Gold spin button! When the Coin Craze event is active, it multiplies your coins by a factor of two and makes your spin button gold! Your spin button will return to its original red colour once the event is over. 

Sea of Fortune: 

The Sea of Fortune is a minigame that you can get as a reward for participating in certain events. You must choose one out of four wooden boxes at each and every level, and three of which will hold a reward that you can rise from level to level. 

Be careful, The Greedy Octopus will be found in the fourth box. If you land on the Greedy Octopus you can either pay with coins and escape the trap or end the game by failing to gain any prize. 

Tournament Milestone: 

The tournament features you battling for top rankings on the leaderboard as well as winning great and amazing prizes. A progress bar will come up with a multitude of rewards, which include amazing Spins, enormous Coins, treat your Pets with Pet Treats, and indeed gain a Golden Card. 

Each tournament milestone bar, as seen above the progress bar, can be fulfilled multiple times. Tapping on each prize on the progress bar will reveal its contents as well as the number of points needed to gain it, and tapping on the event icon on the left side of the progress bar will reveal the last prize that may be won. 

The Viking Quest: 

The Viking Quest is a game in Coin master that’s played within a game that allows players to achieve enormous prices by spinning the new Viking Spinner with their Coins rather than using their Spins. The Mission Map depicts the players’ progress through the 10 unique and instigative tasks and also reveals the objects outside, all of which give increasingly better prices, such as Gold Cards. Remember, Coins gained are Defended from any raid for 3 minutes which is amazing!. 

Village Mania:

 Village Mania is an authentically special event through which you can save the money bags that you spend on village construction. There are several Village Mania events in which you can indeed get 20 per cent off all Village goodies or 65 per cent off all levels on the last item!

Gift Master:

If you buy a Coin or Spin pack that has a” Free Gift” icon also you’ll earn an amazing perk. That free gift can be charged with Spins, indeed more Coins, Mighty Chests, Pet Foods to feed your pet, and even Pet XP to give energy to your pet. The more you purchase, the more you get rewards.

Village Master:

The Village Master event is a fantastic way to take prices for completing each Village. If you get more rewards then you are likely to complete the villages faster and become a village master easily.

Cards Boom:

During this event every time you open the chest you’ll gain 50 additional cards. The player will receive 3 cards from the Wooden Chest, 6 from the Golden Chest, and 12 from the Magical Chest during this event.

Other Ways to Collect Coin Master Free Spins:

Sharing With Friends:

One of the simplest ways to get Coin Master free spins is to ask a friend for them. If you already have friends that play the Coin Master game as well, then it’s excellent for you! Friends can send each other one free spins. Meaning the more friends you have playing Coin Master, the more daily free spins you will have in your slot.
This process is only valid when you’ve less than 50 spins. So request your friends to send you some free spins, and you do the same for them.

Invite friends:

Every time you invite a friend who successfully joins Coin Master through Facebook, you’ll get a free 40 Coin Master free spins, which is a lot. Furthermore, they don’t even need to play the game; all they need to do is download it and log in with their Facebook account to get you the free spins. So, of course, it’s in both your interests to play it.

Make a request from your teammates:

Go to your Team, where you can request 10 Spins from your teammates once every 8 hours. You can do this by clicking the button with the spin icon, and your teammates will begin donating Spins to you.

Earn Free Coin Master Spins In Events:

Coin Master events are a massive opportunity for you to achieve more rewards and free spins up to 50,000. In addition, some events in the coin master game give you huge awards for completing the missions successfully!
The awards are a considerable number of Coin master free spins almost every time, which means it can be a coin master 400 spin link, coin master 200 spin link, and many more. So go ahead and find out some exciting events so you can win big rewards!

Rewards from Viking Quest:

If you want to achieve insanely rare gold cards, free spins, XP, pet potions, and many other awards, you should play the Viking Quest event.
Viking Quest event has different stages, and you get rewards for completing each step. Although you should have a lot of stock of coins to play this event, the awards and prizes deserve it.


If you’ve gathered a large number of Spins, you can play in higher bets. That means your rewards will be multiplied by your bet number. Also, increase your chances of winning an enormous amount because bets multiply the rewards you earn from Slots Machine spins.

Balloon Frenzy event:

The Balloon Frenzy event is a fun and simple mini-game that you may play within the game! Some balloons can have Spins, pop them to receive your Coin Mster Free Spins before they go away!

Important  Instructions For Collecting Free Spins and coins:

1: First, You should have Coin Master App Installed on your device.

2: After That, Return to our Website, open this post for the Coin Master Free Spins and coins.

 3: Then, scroll down a bit on this page and find today’s date along with the red-coloured Collect Here button.

4. Collect Free Spins and coins Just by clicking on the Collect Here button.

4: It’ll Redirect You To Coin Master Game, And also Coin Master will reward you with Free Spins.

5: If You Face Any Problem Collecting Coin Master Free Spins, You Can Watch the Video Below for better understanding.

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Guide for Daily Free Spins Coin Master links:

Coin Master Is One of the Best Free Adventure Games on the market. Where you have to Build Your Villages with Different Charterers at Different Levels starting from level One. You Have to Collect Spins and Coins By Spinning a Wheel. The most exciting part is that Coin Master Shares some rewards links to their different pages. We work 24*7 to find those links for you and publish those on this page. The Reward links we share on this page are 100% genuine and tested before the update. These Coin Master Free Spins Links are free to collect. The Game Also Support In-App Purchase Where You Can Buy These Spins, Coins & many other things.

Features Of Coin Master Game:

  • You can Play With Your Friends.
  • Battle With Your Friends To Be The Next Coin Master.
  • Join In Millions Of Players Worldwide through Facebook.
  • Coin Master Is Free On All Platform With In-App Purchases.

A Video Of Playing Coin Master Game:

Frequently asked questions about Coin master free spins:

How to get free spins on Coin Master?

By visiting Gamers Dunia Every day, we post new free Spins And Coins as soon as they are available.

How many villages are in Coin Master?

Right now, there are 387 villages that you can play In Coin Master and the name of the village is Ship Deck.

What do the stars mean in Coin Master?

Stars in the game show the rank of a player. You can achieve more stars by building villages and getting cards.

What are cards for in Coin Master?

You can collect cards to complete a collection of 9 cards with the same theme. By finishing each group, you get gifts like spins and coins.

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