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How to Get Legendary Boosters in Match Masters?

Quick Answer: To obtain legendary boosters in Match Masters, players can achieve in-game milestones, participate in social media events, claim daily login rewards. Additionally, players can earn boosters playing the Piñata feature, earn seasonal rewards, purchase them from the in-game shop, complete album sets, and utilize Super Spins. These methods offer diverse avenues for enhancing gameplay with legendary boosters.

Legendary boosters in Match Masters are coveted power-ups that offer players a significant advantage in their gameplay. These boosters grant special powers. They can clear lots of tiles or block opponents. They offer different ways to get ahead of competitors.

legendary boosters in Match Masters
Source: Match Masters

In the competitive landscape of Match Masters, legendary boosters serve as valuable assets for players aiming to climb the ranks and dominate their opponents. With their potent effects and strategic utility, these can make the difference between victory and defeat in intense matches

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Effective Ways to Obtain Legendary Boosters in Match Masters:

Legendary/SE boosters are the premium tier of Boosters in Match Masters, a thrilling endeavor for players seeking to bolster their arsenal. Fortunately, players can obtain these coveted Boosters through several avenues.

In-game Achievements and Milestones:

Completing various in-game achievements and milestones is one of the primary methods for earning free legendary boosters. These achievements include reaching a certain level, winning consecutive matches, participating in special events, and performing exceptionally well in competitive modes. After successful Achievements, the game rewards players with valuable boosters as recognition for their achievements.

Social media competitions, Events, and Tournaments:

Match Masters periodicly host events and promotions on their social patforms. Players can get opportunities to obtain During these events, players must finish certain tasks, participate in matches, or reach goals within a set time. Keeping an eye on event announcements and participating can yield generous rewards, including exclusive rare boosters that are not available through regular gameplay.

Purchase in special sales In-Game Shop:

Players can buy powerful legendary boosters from the in-game store using virtual currency or real money. The shop offer bundles or packages containing Legendary Boosters alongside other in-game items or currency. Players can only purchase Legendary and SE Boosters with coins directly from the booster selection page once they reach 20,000 Trophies (for Legendary) and 30,000 Trophies (for SE).

Daily Login Rewards:

Match Masters offers daily rewards to players who consistently engage with the game.  Players can accrue Legendary or SE Boosters By logging in daily and actively participating in matches, if they get lucky. Consistency and dedication are key to maximizing daily rewards, which may steadily lead to accumulating legendary boosters over time.

Reward for Playing the Piñata:

In Match Masters, players can earn rewards by breaking piñatas using in-game currency or tokens. The Piñata feature allows players to smash piñatas and collect prizes. Among the rewards one is legendary boosters. Players need to accumulate a certain number of tokens or meet specific criteria to access the Piñata feature.

Seasonal Rewards:

Match Masters often hosts seasonal events or competitions where players can earn rewards based on their performance. You can earn legendary boosters by reaching milestones, ranking high on leaderboards, or completing specific objectives during the event.

Completing Album Sets:

Match Masters features an album system where players collect and complete sets of items or characters. Players receive various prizes, including legendary boosters, upon completing an album set. Players can collect album items through gameplay, events, or special promotions.

Super Spins:

In Match Masters, Super Spins is a special feature. Players can spin a wheel to win rewards like legendary boosters. Players can acquire Super Spins through gameplay milestones and events or by purchasing them in the in-game shop.

By leveraging these various methods, players can acquire legendary boosters in Match Masters and enhance their gameplay experience.

Strategies to get Free legendary boosters:

While acquiring legendary boosters, knowing how to leverage them effectively is equally important for achieving success in Match Masters. Here are some strategies for geting Legendary(SE) Boosters.

Effective Gameplay Tactics

Understanding how Match Masters works is crucial. Developing effective gameplay strategies is also key. This will help maximize the benefits of legendary boosters. By strategically aligning tiles, anticipating opponent moves, and capitalizing on opportunities, players can create favorable conditions for deploying boosters and gaining a decisive advantage.

Utilizing Boosters Strategically

Rather than using legendary boosters indiscriminately, players should employ them strategically at opportune moments to maximize their impact. Using legendary boosters at the right time and in the right place is very important.

It can help you clear a path to victory, disrupt your opponent’s strategies, or create powerful combos. Timing and placement are key factors in utilizing legendary boosters effectively. By using them strategically, you can gain a significant advantage in the game.

Avoid Mismanagement of Boosters

Failing to plan and strategize effectively with legendary boosters can result in wasted money or subpar results. Players should not use boosters impulsively. They should save them for critical moments in a match. This way, they can have a greater impact and potentially change the outcome of the game in their favor.

Failing to Optimize Booster Usage

Each legendary booster has unique attributes and effects that players can optimize for specific gameplay scenarios. To achieve better results, it is important to consider how boosters, tile configurations, and opponent strategies work together.

Missing out on these synergies can lead to missed opportunities and disappointing outcomes. Players should experiment with different combinations and approaches to discover the most effective ways to utilize legendary boosters in various situations.

Some Common Legendary Boosters:

  • Brocco Boogie
  • Monkey Joo Joo
  • Cleo Cadabra
  • Foxy SE
  • UFO SE
  • Vinnie Valentine SE
  • Doctor Color SE
  • El Magneto SE

You can Check Out the full Booster list here.


In conclusion, legendary boosters in Match Masters are invaluable assets, offering players powerful advantages and strategic options for achieving victory in competitive matches. Players can enhance their gameplay by acquiring legendary boosters, and using them effectively. This will help them succeed more, win the game, reach new levels of success, and win in the exciting game.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Can I purchase Legendary Boosters in Match Masters?

Yes, you can buy legendary boosters from our selection page with virtual or real money. You need 20,000 Trophies for Legendary boosters and 30,000 Trophies for SE boosters.

Can players trade or gift Legendary Boosters to other players?

At present, Match Masters does not support trading or gifting of boosters between accounts. Legendary Boosters earned from playing games, daily rewards, and events are only for your use.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when using Legendary Boosters?

To avoid common mistakes when using legendary boosters, make sure to manage them carefully instead of using them impulsively. Also, optimize booster usage by considering synergies with opponent strategies, and plan and strategize effectively.

What is the difference between legendary boosters and other types of boosters?

In Match Masters, legendary boosters have special effects that make them stand out from regular boosters. They have unique attributes and abilities that can greatly impact the outcome of matches in players' favor. While regular boosters provide helpful bonuses during gameplay.

How important are Legendary Boosters in Match Masters?

Legendary boosters are essential in Match Masters, helping players climb the ranks and outsmart opponents with powerful effects and strategic advantages.

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