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A Clash Royale game majorly depends on who has the best Clash Royale deck. It is free-to-play and published by Supercell; The game was released globally on March 2, 2016. These types of games are more popular among mobile gamers. Surprisingly, in 2016, it completed nearly 100M downloads in the play store alone.

Clash Royale is also regarded as the best game over the Clash of Clans due to its features and graphics. The gameplay of Clash Royale is simple; the players need to destroy other players’ towers. Who will destroy the king’s tower? He is the winner.

Viewing the Clash Royale in spectator mode doesn’t make you more interested. There will be two players on the battlefield trying to destroy other towers, but the Clash Royale deck is not like that. Some of these decks focus on bridge spamming, whereas others try to bait enemy units.

Best Clash Royale Deck For 2022:

Clash Royale is a game of mind, and you can only win if you have the best clash royale deck by your side.

The following are the best clash royale decks to win the game:-

Lava Hound Skeleton King Miner:

Lava Hound

This Deck will move toward the enemies’ tower and protect the Lava Pups. This Deck has many roles like Lava Hound, Miner, Inferno Dragon, and Zap.

• LAVA HOUND: This is the key card of the Deck.

• MINER: This will deal good damage to the crown’s tower and is the second most important card for the Deck.

• ZAP: This is there to destroy all kinds of small units, which include Skeleton Army and Spear Goblins.

• INFERNO DRAGON: This is support for your Lava Hound.

STRATEGIES: After destroying the enemy’s tower, you need to protect your tower with Skeleton Army, Mega Minion.

Splash yard with Valk, Tombstone

Splash yard

This Deck has different roles like Valkyrie, Tombstone, and Ice Golem.
• Valkyrie: This is your defensive MVP in your Deck. Also, she is a great option to tank for the graveyard on counter pushes.
• Tombstone: This is meant for distraction; this allows you to distract many units in the gameplay.
• Ice Golem: We can use this as a tank for the graveyard.

Cycle Deck

Cycle Deck

Cycle Deck is the easiest way to play archetype. You need to use elixir in the required situations; if you make more usage or use too much elixir in a push, then the opponent can easily tackle and may defeat you.

Beat Down Deck

Beatdown deck

Beat Down Deck is like the cycle deck and is a very aggressive deck. This is one of the most straightforward decks with Giants and Mega Minion. Only in the first 2 minutes can you probe your opponent’s counters with low-risk pushes. Moreover, you can also get a feel of your opponent’s card rotation.

Control Deck

Best Clash Royale deck

This Deck is like a more expensive cycle deck. The player needs to practice more to use the control deck, which depends on their fundamental skills.



You must use the correct Deck at the correct time to win the game. Most of the players use Giant or Hog Rider. The hog raider deck will rely on medium damage.


After completing the first, we have an idea of what to do. But now, we need to think about the enemy’s strategies and proceed in the required manner.


Spells will be effective when you use them on your opponent’s tower. We can eliminate multiple enemies with a higher elixir cost.


Buildings are good things for defense, and most buildings are used for that tactic only.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some famous versions of Best Clash Royale Deck?

Some famous best clash royale deck are : Goblin Barrel, Electro Spirit, Goblin Gang, Knight, The Log, Princess, Rocket, Tesla.

Is Clash Royale a online game?

Yes, to play the clash royale game smoothly, you need good quality internet.

Is Clash Royale banned in India?

No, Clash Royale’s all game policies are verified by Indian government and is not banned in India.

Is Clash Royale also available on iOS?

YES, Clash Royale is available on both android as well as iOS.

What are the best deck in Clash Royale?

There are plenty of good decks for Clash Royale that can win you the match. Some of these are:- 1.Bridge spam conquers all. 2.Magic Archer Princess bait. 3.Archer Queen Princess bridge spam. 4.Magic Archer Princess Bridge spam. 5.LogBait Freeze RamRider.

What are some good Clash Royale decks?

Some good Clash Royale deck:- 1. P.A.K.K.A 2. HOG Cycle 3. Musicmaster’s X-Box 4. Golem Beatdown 5. RAM Rider

What are ladder decks in Clash Royale?

Ladder in the game mean reward. Ladder decks are the game in which you play against players of your level and win trophies.

How to counter the most common decks in Clash Royale?

For countering the most common decks in Clash Royale, it is advised to use canon tower, any spell or even a splash damage troop.


Clash Royale could be a highly regarded strategy-based game, but with some best clash royale decks by your side, your winning chances increase consists.

You fight exhausting to win battles and defeat different players with your troop assortment. However, you wish to match up the proper cards to form the strongest mixtures and dominate the arena!

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