Top 5 Places for The Best Loots In Vikendi

After a long wait PUBG has introduced a new map called “VIKENDI” and here we are going to reveal the top 5 places which has literally  the best Loots In Vikendi but with less company.

Best Loots In Vikendi

Best Loots In Vikendi:Top 5 Places for the

In maps like ERANGEL, MIRAMAR and SANHOK we all know their places with best loots as if we talk about ERANGEL then  pochinki would be the place. But here in VIKENDI we really don’t know much About the map. So this list of top 5 Best Loots In Vikendi  may  help you to get well Equipped.


Dobro Mesto is place which means “good  place” or “good spot”. So this  is generally the best place as a start up .In this place  you can find level 3 vest, level 3 helmet, M416, M24, Kar98 very easily, along with lots of 8x scopes here and there.


This place is very popular  from the beginning. Dino Park is  smaller in size comparing to the other hot drops. But, have  a massive  amount of  loot . You can get a large number of boosts such as  painkillers, energy drinks, first aid  and med kits .You can also found assault rifles like M416, BERYL M762, Scar-L very easily.


In here there are many  compounds and you can find  a lot of loot  as good as cave in “SANHOK” . If you are a pro player  you would be very much pleased with your loot .6x scope, Kar98k , level 3 Backpack are some common loot in here.

  • CASTLE:-

This place is a central and defensible location, surrounded by river’s water from every direction. This place also include a main tower which is a great sniping spot for those who love to snipe there enemies. This place mainly includes couple of big Castles together.
Inside This Castles you will find a ton of good loots like M416, Scar-L ,m24, Ka98 etc.


Cosmo drome is a Big complex with a lot of underground basements where you can find decent amount of equipment , but it’s all very spread out. The most interesting part of this place is the basement where you can hide yourself from deadly sneaky Snipers. Due to its large area the loots are spread out though out the place . Among the equipment most of are level 3. if you a lucky enough you can get more than one flare gun easily. for the highest concentration of loots Look particularly in the  buildings at the south and the western part of this place.

So guys this is the top 5 Best Loots In Vikendi map where you can Best loots.

Prasanta Ghosh
Prasanta Ghosh
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