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Best Top 5 Guns In PUBG Mobile | By Gamers Dunia

In PUBG There are so many different types of weapons. The top 5 Guns In PUBG That you can get during the fight and get yourself properly accustomed to each one.

In this article, we will share with you, the Top 5 Guns In PUBG Based on our experience that may help you to get The chicken Dinner.

Best Top 5 Guns In PUBG


The mightiest weapon In PUBG. This sniper rifle can penetrate a level 3 helmet and knock out your enemy with a single shot. This Sniper Rifle uses special .300 Magnum ammo which only be found in Drop crates.


This is a sniper type Rifle which is very common to find. This sniper rifle uses 7.62 ammo. This sniper rifle can easily break a level 2 helmet.


One of the strongest assault Rifles, which can only be found in special crates popular for its high damage. This assault rifle uses 7.62 ammo.


Most popular assault Rifle In Pubg for its low recoil and high damage which can be found very commonly. This assault rifle uses 5.56 ammo. This assault rifle can be attached with various attachments.


This gun is considered the Strongest Machine Gun in PUBG, With a massive magazine capacity that can only be found in Special crate drops. In comparison, It doesn’t allow any attachments other than scope and the longest reloading time! This machine gun uses 5.56 ammo.

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Prasanta Ghosh
Prasanta Ghosh
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