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| Top 5 Tips and Tricks To Win In Zombie Mode |

PUBG Mobile ‘Survive Till Dawn’

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) mobile  just released new 0.11.0 update with the collaboration with  Resident Evil 2 featuring new special zombie mode.

So we spend some time on this special event and we have learnt some techniques to survive really till dawn.

Top 5 tips and tricks to Win Zombie Mode


In this mode never thought your teammates are worthless . Normally you may beat up a squad all alone but in here an army of zombies waiting for you. Thus always squad up so that someone would be there to cover your back and also the vice versa.


Yes, in a classic or arcade match we generally avoid our enemies as much as we But in zombie mode try to find the real players on your way  who are generally distracted by the zombies.


During the fight with zombie in the battle field you should keep your health bar at top notch And keep a good stock of zombie vaccines with you at all the times. Try to drink pain killer and energy drink before night begins, So whenever you are attacked by zombies you do not need to quickly heal your health every time. Trust me that will help you a a lot.


Grenades might be one of the least used weapons in PUBG Mobile, but are one of the best weapons to get your enemy killed. Same here in zombie mode too. However not all throwables are same effective. Such as smoke bomb has zero effect on zombies, as they can smell you. So if you think you can heal up your heal up your health in middle of the smokes, then it will going to be a bad idea.

Use of vehicle :

Using vehicle to demolish zombies will be a great idea but there are some cons on these technique. The health of you vehicle will decrease dramatically . how ever we suggest after you get well equipped with weapons then you should use vehicles to attack zombies.

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