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Upcoming PUBG Weapons | G36c | Skorpion |

PUBG Mobile recently confirmed their Snow Map Vikendi with the update. This update. They also introduced two brand new Upcoming PUBG Weapons and a new White Gillie suite.

In this article, we will discuss two brand new Upcoming PUBG Weapons, which will launch in the next update Of PUBG Mobile. In comparison, these Upcoming PUBG Weapons have already been released on the Chinese version of PUBG mobile For now only.

List of Upcoming PUBG Mobile Weapons :


It is an assault rifle, just like a replacer of Scar-L in the snow map Vikendi. It requires 5.56 ammo with a fast firing rate just after M16A4 and QBZ.

Equipments of This assault rifle are Given Below:

Sight: This Gun can be equipped up to 6x, including laser site.

Grip: All types of grip can be equipped excluding tact-stock.

Muzzle: Suppressor, Compensator , Flash hider. All three types of Muzzle can be equipped.

Magazine capacity: This Assault rifle comes with 30 mag capacity extended up to 40 with an extended mag.

Damage: Headshot damage 101, Body damage 43 with zero level protection.


It is the most powerful pistol-type gun, but more like an SMG! It requires 9 mm of ammo. It also has burst mode as well as a single shot.

Equipments of This pistol are Given Below :

Sight: Only Red Dott can be equipped with this pistol.

Grip: Half grip, light grip, and Vertical foregrip.

Muzzle: Only the suppressor for pistols can be equipped with this gun.

Magazine capacity: This pistol comes with 20 pre-loaded ammo and can be extended up to 40 by using an extended mag for pistols.

Damage: The headshot of this pistol can damage 44, while body damage is 22 at the opponent’s zero protection level.

White Ghillie suite

A brand new White colored Snowy Ghillie suite is added to the Vikendi map, which will be a perfect camouflage to the snowy environment

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