PUBG MOBILE | How To Get Weapon Master Tag On Your First Try |

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Prasanta Ghosh
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PUBG MOBILE | How To Get Weapon Master Tag On Your First Try |

Hello Guys! In This article we are going to show you how get Weapon Master tag easily.

What is Weapon Master ?

In PUBG MOBILE Weapon Master Achievement is a tag that you will achieve when you kill at least 6 Enemies at Platinum level or higher level while using each and all of the following weapon categories As per PUBG MOBILE.

these are-

1. Shotgun, 2. SMG, 3. Throwables, 4. Vehicle, 5. Sniper Rifle, 6. Assault Rifle

so in this article we will tell you how you can get PUBG Mobile Weapon Master Achievement Easily.

Steps For How To Get Weapon Master Tag 

Step 1 : You have to create 2 or 3 new accounts in PUBG .
Step 2 : You have to create a squad with these newly created accounts.

step 3 : Appoint leader any of the newly created accounts.
Step 4 : let control other accounts to your friends and help you to get this!

(As you do this your opponents levels are reduce to entry level, it would be easier for you to kill your opponents easily)

Step 5 : Try to avoid congested colonies when jump.

Step 5 : Try to attract bots and try to kill your opponent by Shotgun and Throwables at the very beginning and finish your fight with (6) Assault Rifle.

Basically, you have to kill your opponent using competitively the weaker weapons first (i.e.Shotguns, SMGs, Throwables), so that you can quickly drop them and switch to higher powered weapons (i.e.Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles) so that you can finish your fight with them.

You may not get success at your very first try! You may need 3 to 4 try as i get my weapon Master tag at 3rd try. Do not lose your hope , you should keep on trying and You will get you achievement. Hope you Like our post.

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