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Match Masters Boosters List 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Match Masters Boosters” is the perfect game-changer out of all Gifts. In the thrilling universe of Match Masters, where every move counts and victory hangs in the balance, strategic prowess is your ultimate ally. These Match Masters Boosters hold the key to unlocking a realm of possibilities, turning the tide of every match in your favor.

Join us on an exhilarating journey as we delve deep into the heart of Match Masters Boosters list, uncovering their types, strategies, and the untapped potential they bring to the table. Unlock new ranks, explore new events, Earn Coins and increase your chance of winning.

Match Masters Boosters
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Types of Match Masters Boosters: Explained

Match Masters boosters are the most important tools for success with in the game, offering advantages like extra moves and power-ups. Each of them are classified according to their rarity and specialty.

In the game of Match Masters, the availability of boosters are vast. The game offers a diverse range of boosters, categorized into following, each with unique advantages.

  • Bronze Boosters: Ideal for beginners, Bronze Boosters are the starting point for players looking to gain an advantage. You can choose from three Bronze Boosters to utilize against your opponents and secure wins. These Boosters can be obtained from daily gifts or special events, helping new players get a head start in their Match Masters journey.
  • Silver Boosters: A step up from Bronze, Silver Boosters consist of three types of power-up. These Silver Boosters can be skillfully employed during gameplay to enhance your chances of outwitting adversaries.
  • Gold Boosters: As you progress further, Gold Boosters become available, there are six different types of Gold Boosters. These Boosters pack more punch than their Silver and Bronze counterparts, enabling you to execute powerful moves and outmaneuver your opponents effectively.
  • Diamond Boosters: Take your gameplay to the next level with fifteen types of Diamond Boosters. Each Diamond Booster has three stages, with the third stage being the most potent. Collect these rare Boosters from daily Match Masters gifts or consider purchasing them for an edge in challenging battles.
  • Legendery And SE Boosters: The pinnacle of power-ups in Match Masters, Legend Boosters offer unparalleled strength and are essential for overcoming formidable opponents. These Boosters include Monkey Joo Joo, Billie Bo, Om, and Mr. Brocco Boogie. Players must complete specific tasks to acquire Legend Boosters, as they are not available for purchase. Master the usage of Legend Boosters to secure magnificent rewards and triumph in thrilling matchups. Learn How to get free Legendary Boosters.

While you can also try and explore each, all of them are listed below based on its availability according to the Match Master ranks just to save your time.

Match Masters Boosters List:

Bronze Boosters List

  • Firecracker
  • Rubber Ducky
  • Paint Bucket

Silver Boosters List

  • Crazy Rocket
  • The Slime

Gold Boosters List

  • Laser Beam
  • Balloon Blast
  • Sweep it!
  • Magic Wand
  • Mastermind
  • Lil’ Dragon

Legendary Boosters List

  • Cleo Cadabra
  • Monkey Joo Joo
  • Billie Boom
  • Brocco Boogie
  • Foxy SE
  • UFO SE
  • All Aboard SE
  • Vinnie Valentine SE
  • Doctor Color SE
  • El Magneto SE

Diamond Boosters List

  • Mystery Hat
  • Checkmate Charles
  • High Voltage
  • Crazy Clovers
  • UFO
  • Mr. Appleberry
  • All Aboard
  • Butler Bot
  • Queen Cobra
  • El Magneto
  • Doctor Color
  • Foxy Roxy
  • Woolly Workout
  • Colonel Mcquack
  • Vinnie Valentine
  • Mixy Meow

Best Match Masters Boosters: Editor’s Pick

In Match Masters all boosters have certain special perks that impact over the gameplay. Although it mostly depends upon your gameplay style and preference.

However, There are some best Match Masters Boosters that create a huge impact on board and increase your winning chances.

  • Billie Boom
  • Doctor Color
  • El Magneto
  • Mystery Hat
  • All Aboard
  • Foxy Roxy
  • Paint Bucket
  • The Slime
  • Balloon Blast


Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, mastering Match Masters Boosters is the key to unlocking success in Game. Understanding their mechanics and utilizing them strategically can significantly help you climb up the ladder of competition. By leveraging the boosters effectively, one can overcome the challenges and outmaneuver opponents in PvP matches.

Players can easily acquire boosters through various methods such as winning matches, completing challenges, leveling up or purchasing them in-game. While some are also available on free gifts.

Match Masters Boosters List FAQs:

What Are Match Masters Boosters?

Match Masters boosters are simply some special attacks that players can use during gameplay to gain advantages such as extra moves and increased scoring opportunities.

How Do Players Acquire Match Masters Boosters?

Aside from purchasing them with in-game currency, Match Masters boosters can be acquired through various methods, such as earning them as rewards for completing levels or challenges, or receiving them as gifts from friends. There are also many other methods that are discussed in our Math Matcher Article.

What Types Of Boosters Are Available In Match Masters?

Match Masters offers a wide variety of boosters, each of them categorized according to different level. Knowing each type will help the players to progress through levels more easily.

Can Players Use Boosters Strategically In Match Masters?

Yes, strategically using boosters could be the winning factor of your game. Players with enough knowledge about their current level can make the most effective use of Match Masters boosters.

Are There Any Tips For Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Match Masters Boosters?

For maximize effectiveness, try to save your best Match Masters boosters for each time you are about to level up. For more tips, check our Match Masters guide where this is elaborated more deeply.

What Are The Best Boosters For Match Masters?

Some best boosters in Match Masters include Billie Boom, Doctor Color, El Magneto and Mystery Hat. These boosters can help you win challenging levels and achieve higher scores in the game.

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