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Flare Gun In Vikendi Map | You Must Try |

The flare gun is the cherry on the cake in Pubg matches. In this article, we are going to unleash the top 3 places in the “VIKENDI” map where you can find “Flare Gun”. Yes, we are really telling you about finding a couple of flare guns in these places, as we had located a few in a single match. So here we go with places:

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List of places where you will definitely find Flare gun :

  • DOBRO MESTO: This place is located at the top far left-hand side of the map. This place is actually a huge city but Flare Gun could be found in an arena or something like that present at the center of the city. This is a two-story building, so take a look at the staircase too. However, we suggest getting in this place with your full squad because this place has huge attraction from the players as this place has some tremendous loots.
  • VILLA: This one is a small city or, you can say, a large mansion surrounded by small compounds. In these compounds you will find at least one Flare Gun certainly in a match. So keep looking for it since the villa is located. As a price for surviving, you can release the flare there, as it is right in the middle of the map.
  • COSMODROME: This is a wide, plain area with some missile-launching arena, and you get the chance of getting a flare gun in that arena, actually. This could be a little bit crowded as many people came here for some good loot. In the Cosmodrome, there, you can find a flare gun, as I personally get more than one every time went there.

 So, thereby Cosmodrome is the suitable place to find a flare gun on this new map, “VIKENDI.”

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Prasanta Ghosh
Prasanta Ghosh
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