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5 Top Smartphone Games You Must Play in 2024 – Top Picks and Reviews

 This is nearly the end of the year and 2024 is knocking at the door. In all this time in 2022 a bunch of cool games has been launched for smartphones and in this article we are going to discuss Top Smartphone Games of 2022 , Based on our experience.

This is the list of this Top Smartphone Games of 2024


PUBG MOBILE is quite simply the most popular and the best smartphone game of 2022 . It’s so popular that We don’t have to describe about the game play as many. Smartphone brands are introducing phones with features for the PUBG Mobiles with other gaming companies. It gets its uniqueness for its graphics and for Frequently new map Updates every time.


FORTNITE is another worldwide battle royale game  which can’t get its dominance over INDIA may be for PUBG or because of the android issues. But, loved for its cartoonish graphics and the epic updates.


If you are  looking for a fun racing game that will keep you busy for All day next couple of months  then ASPHALT 9 would be the best for its high-quality graphics, insane stunts and for too much nitro.

4. Real Cricket 22 

what we like about cricket games are there  detailed features  which could be found in this game  such as quick match ,test match  and there  various tournaments like Asia cup , world cup and many others. This game offers the a wide selection of teams . Real Cricket 18  is undoubtedly the best cricket game till now.

5. Orbia :

Tap and Relax is one best casual games from the play store . It’s a game where you don’t have to do much, famous for its colorful back ground and different skins for the character.

Tell Us more about your most favorite Top Smartphone Games of 2024. What is your Pick ! let us know !

Prasanta Ghosh
Prasanta Ghosh
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